The Importance of Lawn Fertilization

Maintaining a healthy, green, and thriving lawn may not be as easy as you may think. Between pests, pet urine, weather conditions, and other damaging factors, you’re lawn care quickly become an eyesore if the proper lawn care methods are not followed. For centuries, homeowners and lawn care contractors have relied on fertilizer to keep lawns looking their best, but have you ever wondered why is lawn fertilization is so essential to maintaining a green and thriving lawn? Keep reading, as in this quick blog, we’ll share a few reasons why fertilizer is an important component of a healthy lawn!

Lawn Fertilizers Replenish Your Lawn’s Essential Nutrients

The soil quality has a pretty significant influence on the health of a lawn. Using fertilizer is the best way to ensure your soil receives the essential nutrients it needs to survive and thrive. Your lawn needs three essential nutrients to thrive: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, and lawn fertilizer will help replenish these nutrients to keep your lawn looking great.

Lawn Fertilizers Can Help Grass Grow Faster

You already know that fertilization is an important part of your lawn’s healthy diet, but did you know that it can actually help the grass and other plants in your yard grow faster? If your lawn is suffering from bare patches or discoloration, using a fertilizer can help you grow healthier, greener grass quicker.

Lawn Fertilizers Can Deter Weeds and Pests

Well-fertilized lawns can not only make your arsenal of weed killing products unnecessary but can also help keep harmful pests at bay. A thick, lush lawn with strong roots can choke out weeds by preventing them from developing in the first place and will promote a healthy ecosystem of microorganisms, earthworms, ladybugs, and other lawn-dwellers that feast on pests and unwanted insects.

Of course, there are many reasons to never overlook lawn fertilization. Letting a professional lawn care contractor handle lawn fertilization will leave with a brighter, greener, and healthier yard. If you are searching for lawn fertilization services in Randolph, NY, contact Isaman’s Contracting. We have the experience, products, and equipment to help achieve a lawn your neighbors will envy. Contact us today to learn more!