Just like yourself, plants need proper maintenance for adequate growth. Pruning and trimming improves the health and strength of a plant. If you love the trees and bushes in your yard the way we do, you know that regularly scheduled trimming is the key to keeping them healthy and looking good.

At Isaman’s Contracting, we know that more goes into tree trimming than just snipping at random branches.

The process is a very real mixture of science and art, and in order for trimming to be done properly, you need to understand what healthy trees and bushes should look like, as well as how to minimize flaws without negatively affecting their growth. Regular trimming helps to consistently remove pests and diseased areas, remove weaker limbs which allows other limbs to become stronger and more resistant to storms, and allow nourishing sunlight to reach the undergrowth.

With years of experience, our landscaping contractors have the expertise to perform trimming quickly and correctly. The end result will be trees and bushes that live longer, stronger, and look better in your yard. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact us online or by phone today.


Key Benefits of the Service

The Top Five Benefits of Tree Pruning

Health: Tree pruning maintains a tree’s health. The removal of dead, dying, or diseased branches help prevent further spread of decay. Trees also benefit from increased sun exposure and air circulation that result from proper tree pruning. In addition, tree pruning promotes the growth of new, healthy leaves and branches.

Appearance: Pruning improves a tree’s appearance. Hanging, overgrown branches appear unsightly and hurt a commercial property’s image. A well-maintained tree, however, creates a positive impression by showing potential customers that you care about your company’s quality.

Sunlight: Tree pruning allows adjacent plants adequate sunlight. Overgrown branches shade the area directly beneath them, making this region unfit for planting. With the removal of these branches, new and existing plants thrive just below a tree.

Reduce Risks: Tree pruning reduces the chances of accidents happening. Trees that aren’t pruned properly become a risk to nearby power lines, which can prove hazardous and create power outages. Hanging branches also pose a threat to buildings just beneath them, especially in stormy weather.

Shape: Tree pruning helps to shape young trees. Pruning results in good branch structure in young trees, and it compensates for root loss. You can add new trees to your commercial property and train them to grow in a way you’d like with regular pruning.

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