Aeration relieves the soil and root zone of compaction. The lawn aerator will pull plugs out of the ground will create air pockets that will allow water, fertilizer and seeds to more easily to reach the roots of your turf. This will leave you with soil that is less compact, less dense and better for the root system to spread and develop. By performing a core aerating on your yard, you will see a greener and thicker lawn. Our recommended lawn care routine includes dethatching, core aeration and then a general overseed of the lawn.


Key Benefits of the Service


IMPROVE AIR FLOW Core aerating your lawn at least once a season you will help to keep an improved amount of air flowing to your lawns root system.

INCREASE NUTRIENTS After a core aeration service, the spaces left in your lawn will allow better absorption of water, nutrients and fertilizers into the soil.

REDUCE EXCESS WATER Performing a soil aeration service, will improve the drainage of the lawn and help to prevent any puddling of excess water.

STRONGER ROOTS By aerating the yard you are allowing more space for your grass roots to spread out further and deeper into the soil, improving its durability.

RELIEVE COMPACTION Compact soil can suffocate your lawn. Core aeration services will relieve compaction from your lawn, allowing your lawn to thrive.

IMPROVE TURF HEALTH To keep your lawn healthy and strong, lawn aeration service is recommended twice a year to keep air, water and nutrients in the soil.

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