Trees are a beautiful addition to any property and come with a ton of benefits. Not only can trees provide your yard with cooling shade during the hot summer months, but they can also help limit erosion and they can even boost the curb appeal of your home. However, anyone who has trees in their yard, while they are beneficial, knows that they don’t always grow the way we want them too. Oftentimes, some branches grow faster than others or sprout out in odd directions, causing the trees in your yard to lose their aesthetically-pleasing shape. 

Of course, the look of the trees in your yard is not the only reason to opt for tree trimming service. Tree trimming and pruning also helps keep the trees on your property healthy and also helps prevent costly property damages that may come from branches and limbs that have become dead or diseased.

Signs You Need Tree Trimming Services For Your Property

At Isaman’s Contracting, our landscape contractors in Randolph, New York have been providing clients with professional, effective, and efficient tree trimming services for years. Tree trimming and pruning are essential if you want the trees in your yard to live longer, be stronger, and look better. Don’t let the trees on your property get out of control, keep an eye out for the following signs that indicate you need professional tree trimming services.

Broken Branches

Broken branches are a key indicator that your trees need trimming or pruning. Broken branches or limbs create a potential safety hazard and should be taken care of as soon as possible. There are many causes of broken tree branches or limbs. Trees that have died or become diseased will be at a higher risk of broken branches. Additionally, high winds, severe storms, and heavy snowfall can cause the branches to break, leaving the interior of the tree exposed. When this happens, you need to prune and trim the broken and affected areas in order to protect the tree. 

Uninhibited Tree Growth

Naturally, trees grow upwards toward the sun, especially in a forested area where they are all competing for space with other trees. In an open yard, however, they often have excessive open space and fewer trees to compete with. This allows them to grow outward rather than upward, which can lead to heavy branches and limbs that are likely to collapse under their own weight or due to weather. Proper tree trimming and pruning will help reduce the weight of the branches as well as the risk of them breaking and creating a potential hazard.


Noticing any deadwood on the trees on your property is a sign that you are in need of tree trimming services. Deadwood can be anything from smaller dead branches or large limbs that have died. In addition to being hazardous, large sections of deadwood on trees imply that your tree is dying or has a disease. Without the proper trimming and pruning, the tree will continue to decay and will eventually need to be removed from your yard. 

Deep, Excessive Cracks

Tree bark is susceptible to cracking by fluctuations in the temperature. If you find two or more cracks on a tree’s bark, it is an indicator that the tree is either sick or dying. Deep cracks, specifically, are a sign that your tree is in need of some TLC. Ignoring tree cracks will cause rot to spread throughout the tree, and soon enough, you may be required to completely remove the tree from the yard. 

Straying Branches

As mentioned, the trees in your yard are likely to grow outward rather than upward, which can cause a slew of issues. Wild and untamed branches, especially those that have tangled themselves around power lines or have reached your house present the threat of excessive damage to your home and property. Aside from the higher possibility of losing your home’s electrical power, these branches can cause extensive and costly damage to your roof and siding should they break and fall. 

Professional Tree Trimming Services in Randolph

As you can see, there are numerous signs that indicate the trees in your yard could use pruning or trimming. Of course, in order to get the best results and ensure the trees in your yard are healthy, beautiful, and strong it is recommended to hire a professional tree trimming company. The team at Isaman’s Contracting knows how to properly trim and prune your trees to preserve and prevent them from damaging your property. 

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