The spring season is here which means it’s time to put the snow shovels back in storage and look forward to the longer days and warmer temperatures. In addition to cleaning your home, Spring is the perfect time to take a good look at your yard and see what you can do to bring it back to life and get it ready for the sunny skies and warmer temperatures ahead.

Through simple landscaping maintenance tasks, however, you can refresh the look of your landscaping just in time for the beautiful weather. To help you revitalize your home’s landscaping this spring, we put together some helpful tips to focus on.

Inspect And Spruce Up Trees and Shrubbery

A great place to start your spring landscaping is with the staple of most yards: trees and shrubbery. While they are often overlooked in landscaping, trees and shrubs can draw the eye to particular areas on your lawn, enhance both hard and soft landscaping features, and provide a complete, finished feel to any outdoor space. To get the trees and shrubbery in your yard ready for spring, start by removing any dead or damaged sections, cutting off the individual areas.

Make any necessary cutbacks for trees or shrubs, and prune individual branches to shape them and encourage new growth.

Fertilize Your Lawn

Give your grass a little love in the springtime with thorough lawn fertilization. The rain and snow saturation of the winter, combined with the compositional changes of constantly frozen ground, causing your lawn to look negligent without fresh fertilizer. Lawn fertilizer can be an excellent tool to help your grass take root and stay strong through the hot summer conditions.

While you certainly can fertilize your lawn yourself, professional lawn fertilization services are the best option for your landscape and ensures that you get the best quality products, application processes, and enhanced grass growth for your lawn.

Mix In Some Mulch

Mulch is a fantastic addition to any landscaped area. From surrounding the base of a deck or patio, to preventing problematic areas of weed growth, mulch should be a welcome part of your spring landscaping project. Its range of colors and chip types also makes mulch a simple way to add to the aesthetics of your yard and compliment the exterior of your home. What’s more, it offers a variety of functional yard benefits, such as helping plants retain moisture, prevent weed growth, and preventing erosion.

Prepare Your Lawn Mower

Spring landscaping doesn’t stop when the lawn, trees, and landscape beds look great — it means preparing and maintaining the equipment that cares for the plants and the space as well. Before you fire up the lawnmower, though, you’ll want to make sure everything is in proper working order, as lawnmower maintenance is vital for the health and vitality of your grass. Overgrown lawns lead to all sorts of issues, from increased vulnerability to weeds, pests, diseases, and other issues. To improve your spring landscaping, you must make sure you’re taking care of the things that take care of your lawn first.

Proper mower maintenance keeps this appliance efficient, cost-effective and long-lasting. Start your spring by touching base with your mower’s owner’s manual, then move on to some of the standard maintenance work, like checking oil and gas levels, sharpening mower blades, and adjusting the mower height. Once inspected and maintenance, your mower will be ready for all the grass cutting days ahead.

These are just a few ways to get your yard in shape for the spring and summer seasons. While it may seem like a lot of work, it will all pay off by leaving you with a better-looking yard. If you don’t have the time, knowledge, or tools and equipment to tackle your landscaping this spring, don’t worry, Isaman’s Contracting is here to help.

Specializing in complete landscaping services in Randolph, NY, our team of landscapers can provide you with the service you need to get your yard ready for spring. We offer tree trimming, lawn fertilization, mulch installation, lawn mowing services, and other general landscaping to ensure your yard looks its very best. To learn more, contact us today!